Flor de las Antillas Toro Cigar – New Addition to our Humidor / BUNCO Cancelled for April 19th

flor de las Antillas Toro

Another personal touch with a product we’re proud to bring into Grapes and Tastes!  This time, it just happens to be an outstanding cigar. Just as in wine preferences, I realize we each have unique tastes in cigars. I believe, however, that I can still use the Tim Hanni sensitivity concepts to describe what kind of cigar attributes I like, and that should help me make recommendations for our cigar customers too.

So this story develops, as do many, on a travel adventure. My best friend in golf, wine, etc., and I needed to find a place that we could use to escape from this year’s Midwest winter. Mid-February we chose Palm Springs, as we thought it gave us the best chance to find good weather. And, of course, we brought along our golf clubs.  But, that’s another story. Our hotel, situated in the middle of downtown, was one block away from Fame, Tobacco and Wine Bar. Yes, I know I am a very lucky boy:) Similar to Grapes and Tastes, I relied upon the owner’s skill and knowledge to recommend a new cigar to accompany my glass of Mollydooker Shiraz. Being a Sensitive/Tolerant “Tim Hanni Taster”, I like a relatively full, rich nutty cigar with no bite or burn, easy draw and LOTS of smoke. Telling the owner, my “go to” cigar was the Rocky Patel Edge, he was able to suggest Flor de las Antillas. He mentioned something about Cigar Aficionado, but by that time I just wasn’t listening. Only after returning home, and researching this cigar, did I find out it was CA’s Cigar of Year for 2012! I knew I HAD to bring it in to Grapes and Tastes. It’s made by Jose Pepin Garcia and his son and daughter in Esteli, Nicaragua. They use a variety of tobaccos, a double binder, and a sun grown wrapper leaf. For me, the smoke is perfect. Lots of flavor and smoke with no effort or hot bite. 

Now, do you think I experienced the well known psychological effect of the situational impression, or was I being impartial and objective?  Please try one and let me know:)



Also, our Bunco league scheduled for Saturday, April 19th has been cancelled, due to lack of interest because of the Holiday week.  Mark your calendars for May 17th and hopefully we can get our league up and running!

FREE Second Saturday Tasting – Saturday, April 12th 3:00-5:00 pm – “Ham or Lamb” – Wines for Easter and Passover

passover and easterJoin us at Grapes and Tastes for our FREE Second Saturday Wine Tasting – Saturday, April 12th 3:00 – 5:00 pm – “Ham or Lamb” – Wines for Easter and Passover.  All wines will be special priced during the tasting.  Light snacks will be served.

Passover wines will be on our tasting bar starting today through the end of Passover – so come on in any time to try the 5 Kosher Passover wines that we have ranging from sweet white to sweet red and dry white and dry red!  Excellent selection!!

BUNCO Save the Date / Friday Fish Fry Specials / Wisconsin Bottom of the Barrel Sale

BUNCO League will be on Saturday, April 19th – save the date and then RSVP if you will be able to make it – info@grapesandtastes.com or 262-376-1200

Bring in your favorite Friday Fish Fry and receive half off of the corkage fee for a bottle of wine (only $3.50) or 50 cents off bottle of beer to enjoy here with your fish fry.

Come see our Wisconsin Bottom of the Barrel Sale – great prices on great Wisconsin wines – making room for some new and exciting additions!

Great Grapes Club – Wine of the Month – Consumer Choices

It’s time for the consumer!  I’ve been proposing to make it personal.  Drink what you like.  Now it’s time for Great Grapes Wine Club members to get what you want.  Everyone else may wish to reconsider what’s been holding you back from joining our Great Grapes Wine Club.  Do you only drink red wine?  Are you tired of friends waiting for you to develop a “serious” palate and “grow out of” those silly sweet wines?  Forget that stuff!  Drink what you like.

Our thoughts on Wine Club, while we languish in our well kept secret “Wine Cellar”, had been leaning toward offering more choices once we grew enough in size to at least be ordering a case(s) of a particular wine.  That rationale was based on the economics of buying in bulk and getting the best value for our members.  Well, maybe we’ve been putting the cart before the horse.  What do you think?  We’ll continue striving for value, but it’s time we were more inclusive.  I propose we appeal to old and new members at 4 different memberships, all at the same price ($30 per month) and added value (free glass of wine each month).  When you sign up you will receive 1 bottle of a sparkling wine of our choice.  For your birthday month you will also receive a coupon for a birthday treat.

The first format is a dry white and a dry red (current format).  As the sign up sheet mentions, it’s also possible just one super-premium red might come as that month’s offering.

The second format would include 2 different dry reds.  If format 1 was just one super-premium red, format 2 would be the same for that particular month.

The third format would include a dry white and a sweet white.

The fourth format would include 2 sweet wines – sometimes white and red, sometimes 2 white and sometimes 2 red.

We also have  some ideas on “Wine Club only” events and specials for the future.  Hopefully, we’ll have the necessary substantial growth and involvement needed to have a fun wine adventure for all!

Stop in to sign up, or email info@grapesandtastes.com or call 262-376-1200



Great Grapes Wine Club Manager

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