Upcoming Events – FREE 2nd Saturday “All American Wine and Spirits Tasting” July 9th 3:00-5:00 pm – Essential Oils 101 Wednesday, July 13th 6:00 pm

All American- FREE 2nd Saturday “All American Wine and Spirits Tasting” Saturday, July 9th 3:00 – 5:00 pm – Join us for tasting of All American wines and spirits – We will have Wisconsin food products for snacks and discounts on all wines tasted.  Also, our new artist will be here – Shane McAdams – See below -


My work is about landscape in the broadest sense of that loaded term. I grew up in the desert southwest, often surrounded by a horizon interrupted only occassionally by sandstone outcroppings. As a child I was visually taken by this sculpted topography, amazed whenI I learned that the layered strata of rock had been fashioned by years of water and wind.

My first creative interventions with the environment were crude: I pulverized sandstone blocks with a hammer, dug into cliff faces for minerals, and dredged the mineral-rich sand with magnets for iron filings that I let cure into solid patties of iron oxide inside my father’s dip tobacco tins.

That land has continued to be a touchstone in my work, both as a symbol of process and as a source of content. I continue to be taken by how the incremental effects of time can create something more structured and unique than what I can make by hand. It’s an ongoing reminder of human limitation in the face of the profound and sublime power of the physical universe.

My work considers how process and image converge and how those elements shape ideas about what is natural and artificial; what looks like nature what is nature. I engage these ideas by forcing materials to take on unexpected compositional roles. Elmer’s glue, correction fluid, ballpoint pen ink and resin and stretch function as natural elements shaped by universal agents, that are further complicated by their merging with more familiar elements and examples of landscape.

- Essential Oils 101 – Wednesday, July 13th 6:00 pm – Are you curious about Essential Oils and what they are all about?  Come join us at Grapes and Tastes in Cedarburg for a free workshop on “The Everyday Uses & 101 of Essential Oils”.  We will explore what essential oils are, how they work, how they can enhance one’s health, and oil safely.  Participants will be able to sample over a dozen different oils and learn some helpful tips at the same time.  A demonstration on how to make easy home-made, non-toxic toothpaste will also be conducted.  Class will be taught by Starla Batzko from the Random Oilers.  Bring your curiosity and leave with exciting new information.  Free informational handouts will be provided.  Please call 920-747-0288 for more information.